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9 odesigns • Zero to launch 2020!

2020 was quite a year for everyone! 

In hindsight, I suppose I should have known it was not going to go well.  On January 6, I got hit from behind by a bicycle while I was walking in the morning.  Fortunately, I didn’t break any bones (barely), but it definitely was not the way to start off the year; and to finish off the year with a bang, I had COVID.  Two weeks in bed at the end of December and into the new year.  My test came back positive on January 7, which is kind of *funny* because that is almost to the day from my bicycle accident ;O

When the pandemic became a reality and then “lockdown” happened March 13, I found myself with all the extra hours in the day that nobody can find.  I use Illustrator for my other work, but I could never get into the depth of the program.  Hence, with all the extra hours, it was time to dig in deep. 

I am a visual person.  Everywhere I go, I see shapes, images, letters, design, and colors.  That is what inspires me creatively in my everyday life.  I try to find a unique perspective to an ordinary visual.  I imagine that is what my philosophy about life is as well.

Black is my favorite color.  Everyone that knows me will see me in something black 99% of the time – including the summer.  Therefore, the inspiration for my designs was simple:  black and white.  There is something about the combination of the two colors that is a “wow” factor for me:  bold, impactful, classic, sharp, clean, crisp – eye-catching and timeless. 

And so…. I started drawing random illustrations, phrases, and ideas in black and white.  I love this whole creative process.  Seriously, all the extra hours in the day were like a dream come true for a creative person.  The time flew by and it was like I still didn’t have enough time.

I just kept drawing and adding to my library.  At first, I started with illustrations that I can use in my PowerPoint presentations.  Then, I began to expand and draw anything that came into my mind.

Quarantine was about 7 weeks (here in Barcelona), so I had plenty of time.  At one point I thought, ok, so what do I do with these now?  I did not want to open an Instagram account and stick them on there, so I thought about t-shirt design and tote bag designs with on-demand, Direct-to-Garment printing (DTG).

I spent about 4 months doing research for t-shirts, printers, samples, etc. and then started on my website in August.  That took me about an additional 2 months.  I finally launched my online store mid-October,, 9 is my favorite number, o is for my son and designs. 

People love t-shirts and are always looking for different t-shirt designs.  I came up with the Express yourself because I truly believe that is how you can do it, to show off your style and your personality.  A graphic t-shirt or tote with an original bold design can make a statement and have your personality shine through.

This has been an unbelievable creative outlet and journey for me this past year.  As much as 2020 was *meh* for all of us in a lot of different ways, it was also the most rewarding for me personally and so I will walk away from it with the positive.

I hope you enjoy wearing your t-shirt or carrying around your totes as much as I do creating them.


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