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9 odesigns

Welcome to 9 odesigns!

Why not start a new business during a global pandemic and quarantine? ;) After all, life is about challenges!

I am a visual person.  Everywhere I go, I see shapes, images, letters, design and colors.  That is what inspires me creatively in my everyday life.

I try to find a unique perspective to an ordinary visual.  I imagine that is what my philosophy about life is as well.

Black is my favorite color.  Everyone that knows me will see me in something black 99% of the time – including the summer.  Therefore, the inspiration for my designs was simple:  black and white.  There is something about the combination of the two colors that is a “wow” factor for me:  bold, impactful, classic, sharp, clean, crisp – definitely eye-catching and timeless.  Based on this concept, I started to design a broad range of original illustrations, phrases and ideas. 

People love to express themselves visually.  A bold design on a t-shirt or tote is a great way for your individual personality to shine through. 

I hope you enjoy wearing your t-shirts and carrying around your totes as much as I do creating them.

Un saludo,
9 odesigns



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